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Brak is just ridiculous. He's huge, opinionated, and sheds like crazy. He's also not fond of apples, is a complete slob like his father, and he is wise beyond his three and a half years.

I would love to find the doe that would like him. For now, he's the grand old man of the barn. With the departure of Bess, he's the oldest Flemish in the barn. His personality is flawless. He's among my best friends, and every day, he's hilarious and personable.

He is also the father of ELEVEN outrageous kits, some of whom will show well. Others are available as pets as of September, 2013. Contact me.

Brak himself died suddenly in the winter of 2014, five and a half years old. His children are roaming the earth, and some of them look like him and Sam, his late father.