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Say hi to Max

Max has sired a couple of litters with Dolly, our Grand Champion doe. More about him as we have time. He's the father of Nathan Detroit from our "SMC" litter. He is also the father of the now-legendary and late Lily, SMC01, who pretty much won everything in the spring of 2011 with her new owner, Calixto Arocho, and who was cited as the No, 1 Flemish Giant in the United States for 2010-2011. Max was quite proud, though he just eats hay when I remind him of all of her accomplishments and sniffs when I talk about Nathan.

Max is actually the uncle of 1Y42 and 1Y43, Flopsy and Mopsy, because his sister, Marge 8Y35, is their mother. They haven't met their uncle yet.

Max retired from breeding and competition, but he's still a great wabbit.

He has since passed away, but has at least one grandchild, through SMC01 Lily, in New Jersey.