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Say hi to ML Samuel Gompers

Sam is the patriarch of the herd, father of the SMA-series kits of 2008. He's been universally praised for his massive head and great ears, but unfortunately has never shown all that well due to the tough competition in his class and his early tendency to be a little underweight. Still, he's large, friendly and opinionated, and his children have turned out very well.

He is a grandfather, though his then-only surviving grandchild died in the summer of 2011. His son, Barack Obunny, is still with me, and takes after Sam in certain ways... mostly by being enormous and being an enormous slob. Brak carried on, though, and had kits of his own, and eleven of Sam's grandchildren are now wandering the planet, causing chaos and eating Doritos.

Sam himself died in September, 2013. He was a great guy.

Several of Sam's SMO-litter grandchildren have shown, and are available elsewhere on the site.