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Say hi to Dolly

Doll y was... massive. Acquired from Allen and Julie Brady, and originally from Michigan from a truly eye-popping lineage, Dolly kicked our butts at a show in Pennsylvania before we got her, and we were truly honored to have her here. She was a majestic nineteen pounds and already proven.

Dolly was a Grand Champion! In addition to her Best of Breed at State College, PA in June, she won a Best of Breed at the Mill Hall open show on September 6, 2009 and a Best In Show at the annual Cortland Classic show on September 13, 2009. She won out over a very powerful field of more than 200 rabbits at the premiere East Coast Flemish show in Cortland, New York. Most recently, she was 2nd Reserve in Show at the Delmarva show in October, 2009. She also had many class wins. That's her on our home page with just a few of her trophies.

Dolly had two amazing kits with Max, 8Y33. Lily, the doe, went with Calixto Arocho, and we kept Nathan Detroit, SMC03. He showed for the first time in May, 2010 in Michigan.

Lily, SMC01, has now entered the history books. She was the number one Flemish Giant in the United States of America for the 2010-2011 show season, awarded the "Winningest Flemish" award at the NFFGRB banquet at ARBA Convention in Indianapolis. She won Best of Breed at Cortland, as Dolly had in 2009, but also went on to be Best of Breed at Lebanon 2011 three out of four shows, a feat no other sandy in recent history ever did, and winning several other shows. She was nearly unbeatable. Dolly would have been very proud of her best show daughter.

Dolly was a queen in every possible way, and regal yet approachable.

Dolly, the legend, died suddenly in July, 2011. Lily, her amazing daughter, passed away suddenly not long after. She did, however, leave two bucks to the world, Dolly's grandchildren, so the line carries on.