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Say hi to Harry

This young guy is a very strong and opinionated buck, one of a litter of 13 born this spring to Magic, a terrific black doe who won big in the hands of Cody May at the Cortland show last year. We picked him up at a Cortland Classic and brought him home, and are now starting the learning process of understanding yet another Flemish color. However, note that we don't anticipate breeding blacks. We can put you in touch with many good sources for black Flemish. Just ask.

Harry is a great guy and won his class at State College in June 2010. He also showed well at spring Cortland in April, 2012. He doesn't eat much hay, but he's a friendly and very solid guy, one of my good friends.

Update: Harry died November 6, 2013 after an extended illness. He was friendly and elegant to the end, and I will miss him for a very long time.