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Say hi to SM Nathan Detroit

This is Nathan, Dolly and Max's first buck in our rabbitry. From a small litter (three, of which one didn't make it) Nathan is the one we're keeping. He's incredibly friendly, and will likely be enormous. He hasn't shown yet, of course, because he's only two months old, but he and his sister are great kits with excellent color and a grand, stately way about them that's a lot like their incredible mother.

Nathan's late sister, Lily, SMC01, was the number one Flemish Giant in the United States of America in the 2010-11 show season. She was unbeatable, and he has her length. When I got back from ARBA Convention in November, I told him of his sister. He sat for a moment, then nodded.

Then he tried to whiz on me.

He's like that.

For a long time, he lived next door to, and adored, the late Liz, DF64D. He's still an incredibly nice guy, and I hope to put him together with 1Y43, Mopsy, sometime in the spring of 2012.

Update: Nathan and Mopsy did get together after Mopsy's amazing BOSB at spring Cortland 2012, coupled with Nathan's Best Senior Buck showing there -- his second leg.

They produced no kits, and Nathan died suddenly, June 6, 2012.

He and his late sister, Lily, leave only two amazing bucks from Lily to carry on Dolly's historic lineage.