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Say hi to SM Elizabeth Regina

Liz is the mother of Solistice Survivor, who had been the only remaining kit from her first litter in June, 2011, now lost. I'm thinking about when to breed her again, because she's a very, very good mother! She's a hypercurious doe, always wanting her head scratched and very concerned about everything going on in the barn.

I had to get her a heavier ceramic bowl, because she was throwing her older, smaller one around the hutch. She does stuff like that.

I lost Liz to sudden death the evening of January 7, 2012. She was as always a majestic doe and I'd hoped she'd have another litter, but attempts to breed her in November, 2011 had failed. Liz was quite thoughtful and friendly that fall and winter, and her death shocked everyone who had met her. I will miss her a great deal, as will Nathan, the next-door buck who really liked her but couldn't convince her of his honorable intentions.

Liz, I miss you.