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Say hi to BO Lawrence Of Arabbia

This is a great young guy, tough, beefy, and from an amazing -- no, BEYOND-amazing -- lineage. His brother and sister won their classes at ARBA National Convention 2011. His father (CZAR) is 23 pounds. Lawrence will grow up to be a moose. As a junior, he was already 13.5 ridiculous pounds, two months earlier than he needed to be!

Lawrence (if you call him "Larry," he will bite your lips off) has a Best Opposite Of Breed win at Richmond, December 2011, as a 6/8, and he is in near-perfect form going into the show season for 2012. His girlfriend-to-be, Georgette, is even heavier than he is, so if you'd like to have massive kits in your line, check with me about the kits I hope to have ready from this couple around June 2012.

Of course I'm going to keep a couple of their best kits! Do I look like a moron? Come on!

We'll see what happens after the Lebanon 2012 Spring show.

However, Lawrence will not tolerate naysayers. He came East to change the world.

Oh, and eat hay. And apples.

Lawrence died suddenly on February 13, 2012. He might have been the best Flemish sandy buck I ever held in my arms. Best Opposite of Breed at Richmond on December 5, 2011, and fourth in a huge and excellent class of bucks at Lebanon, Pennsylvania, the day after he turned nine months. The buck that beat him went on to be Best Opposite of Breed in the Saturday open show, with Flopsy (1Y42) as Best Of Breed. The "260" in his right ear was his coop number at 2011 ARBA Convention, where his brother was Best Junior Sandy Buck.

Lawrence was a majestic wabbit. I may never meet another like him, and I will miss him more than any of you will know.