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Say hi to SM Bess Truman

Bess was a terrific doe. She earned her Grand Champion status, and passed it along to her children. She came from good Wisconsin lineage and had a distinctive look compared to many Eastern rabbits. She and Guenther got together and in November, 2009, Bess produced five terrific kits in the SMB litter. We kept SMB05, Beau. Beau was Best Junior Buck at 2010 Nationals in Missouri. Bess and Guenther produced one final amazing litter, the SMH kits, from which we drew William and Grace, and from which came Anne and Diane, who went on to have kits of their own.

Bess had seven champion legs and some of her kits with the late Guenther won all up and down the East Coast. In fact, Grace, SMH10, also has eight legs, and has had three litters of kits of her own, some of them Grand Champions in their own right. Helen, SMM00, has ten legs and is reigning 2013 Pennsylvania State Champion.

For the record, Bess won her class in her very last show, and won best of variety at the 2012 Charles Town "Midnight Madness" show. She was always been a class act. Bess died suddenly of kidney failure in late 2012, at age four.

She admired her son-in-law, Nutsy, who has eleven legs and is working on more. Before she moved on to her new home, Bess met all her grandchildren, the remarkable SML litter of Grace and Nutsy, born March 24, 2012. Her granddaughter, Helen (SML00) won Grand Champion status before she was six months old.

Bess died in late 2012, but her daughters now have grandchildren of their own, and the entire line has many, many wins and many, many great kits. The next generation, SMQ, was born to Eloise, Bess and Guenther's granddaughter, May 15, 2014.