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Say hi to SM Prince William

Prince William is one of the Four Royalty, four great kits that were the last sired by the amazing Guenther before he died in early 2011. Along with Princesses Grace, Anne and Diana, they were just absurdsly well-formed kits who have turned out to have quite good show characteristics. William is kinda hyper, though, and rather obsessed with girls. We'll work on that.

William won Best of Variety at Richmond, December 2011, and placed well at several other shows during 2011. He ate most of the second-place ribbons, though.

He does that.

He is envious of his sister, SMH10, Princess Grace, who is a Grand Champion several times over now. It's not his fault does get bigger, faster.

It doesn't help that William can be kind of a doof sometimes. He pretty much knows it. He is a pretty good uncle to the SML kits, though...

Update: William now lives near Philadelphia with some very nice mini-rex breeders, where (for now) he is the only Flemish! They tell me he won Best Of Breed in the Youth show at Lebanon, Pennsylvania in February, 2013. I wasn't at the show to see it. He's a good guy and I think they'll like him. I certainly do.