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Say hi to SM Guenther Grunt

Guenther is our new breed buck, ear tag HR662 from Frank and Judie Welch at Hoppin' Haven in Linden, Pennsylvania. He was third in class as a 6/8 (intermediate) at the York County show March 1, 2009 and will be shown throughout this year before we breed him late this year. He's an incredibly sweet rabbit, really friendly even when he's not in familiar surroundings. He's enormous, easily making senior weight as a 6/8, with good form and great ears. We're hoping to pick up his best traits and combine them with the best traits of the late Suzette's daughters.

In his first show as a Senior, at the Baltimore/Howard County Rabbit Club open show in spring 2009, Guenther was third in a tough class of senior bucks. The first-place buck went on to win Best Of Show! Later, at 2009 Flemish Giant Nationals, he was 2nd out of a tough class of 27 senior bucks, but his first real triumph was in June 2009, when he swept best-senior-sandy-buck at all three shows in a single weekend and won Best of Breed at the Charles Town Midnight Madness show, getting his first Grand Champion leg. He went on to get seven more in the next year and a half.

Sadly, we lost Guenther in April, 2011, after he got his eighth champion leg at Lebanon. He was an astonishing and friendly wabbit, one of the very few true champions we ever get to know. He was an amazing guy, he bred lots of great kits who are out there on the East Coast, and yes, Bess, his girl, misses him every day. We adored him. No one has ever been put in his old hutch in the barn. There won't be anyone quite like him for a long time.

If you meet a Flemish wabbit with an SMB or SMH ear tag, they're Guenther's kids. Respect them, for their parents are, or were, amazing.