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Say hi to WB London

London is a spectacular young white buck, originally from the Wooley Boogers herd, and he's always curious about everything and the owner of big flappy ears and a pleasant personality. He does have a sort of dumb habit of chewing holes in his ice bottles in the summer.


London picked up two big wins at the 2010 Lebanon show, including Best Opposite of Breed. After a win as Best White at the York, PA Flemish specialty show, he's now Grand Champion!

Even better, on March 10, 2010, he now has four kits! He was bred at Lebanon to Sunny Oaks "Sonoma," and she gave birth to four big, healthy kits! One of them was the late feisty Estrellita, from whom I still have scars and memories. He has also been bred to our own SM Wendy, and he is now the father of seven strong white kits born April 1, 2010. At least one (named Sparkle) went on to have great kits of her own.

London now lives in Delaware with another breeder and with his chosen mate, Wendy.

Update: Wendy was separated from London and died soon after, far away from London, who died later that summer.

That's all I'll say about this here, other than that they were the best goddamn pair of whites I ever saw in the Eastern US.